Health & Safety Noise Assessments

Following the adoption by the UK Government of a European Parliament Directive on noise at work regulations, new noise limits have applied since April 2006. Three new noise exposure values have been introduced consisting of an exposure limit level of 87 dBA Leq (8 hour), an upper exposure action level of 85 dBA Leq (8 hour) and a lower exposure action level of 80 dBA Leq (8 hour). There are also limits for peak noise of 135 dB, 137 dB & 140 dB (C weighted) respectively.

Compared with the previous Noise at Work Regulations 1989 the original 85 dBA Leq first action level and the 90 dBA Leq second action level have been made more stringent at 80 dBA and 85 dBA Leq respectively, and there is a new exposure limit of 87 dBA Leq.

As part of the need to satisfy the Health & Safety at Work Regulations and also insurance purposes, the company has conducted a number of factory noise surveys for small and medium sized manufacturing companies.